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  • VAC – TRON Mini-Combo Series Vacuum

    Designed for removal of a variety of wet and dry materials.

    Some applications include: . Storm drain clean out
    . Mud removal
    . Locate underground utilities
    . Manhole clean out …

  • Kaiser Walking Excavator

    “We start to dig where others give up”

    . Power: 78 PS (58 kW) Deutz Diesel engine
    . Lifting power: 3.8 t
    . Tensile strenght: 43 kN
    . Break-out force: 54 kN
    . Digging depth: 4290 mm
    . Slewing radius: 2060 mm …

  • Mauldin Road Maintainers

    Versatility – The main reason that Mauldin Road outperforms

    . Perfect for fine grading
    . Parking lot construction
    . Driveway construction
    . Alley maintenance

  • Aquatech

    Combination Cleaners are designed to give unsurpassed performance

    . Catch basins
    . Storm sewers
    . Lift stations
    . Treatment plants

  • Mauldin Motor Graders

    Offers the weight and horsepower needed to tackle small and large jobs

    . Electronic Traction Control System
    . Two-speed, electric-over-hydraulic Laser
    . Install you own system

  • Kaiser

    With variably extendable telescope legs you easily overcome different levels of terrain

    . S2 Telefuss
    . S2 Knickfuss 4×4
    . S2 Gator 4×4

  • Nite-Hawk NH400DX Street sweeper

    The ideal sweeper for any sweeping job

    The NH400DX boasts of the power of the HFP® system, a larger capacity hydraulic motor and an approximate 4 cubic yard hopper, an 81 inch pick-up head and a powder coated exterior. …

  • New Way Rear Loader Garbage Trucks

    Provides the compaction, durability, quality and productivity needed in refuse trucks.

    View our complete series line
    . Cobra
    . Diamondback
    . Viper

  • Switch-n-go Detachable Truck Body System

    Allows you to interchange truck bodies in a matter of minutes

    View our complete series line
    . Designed for the 11,000 GVW to 26,000 GVW
    . Lighter weight
    . Runs with electrically powered hydraulics …

  • Dump Trucks

    Complete with:

    View our complete series line
    . Hydraulic tentsuki type tipping cylinder
    . Hose kit, Oil tank, Mounting kit
    . Automatic tailgate locking device
    . Hydraulic gear pump with adaptors

  • SIMCO Drill Rig rugged

    Built on a foundation of experienced hydraulic engineering

    SIMCO® high pressure hydraulic systems provide big performance in compact packages. The flexibility provided by hydraulics has allowed us to design a wide range of rig models that satisfy a variety of needs. …

  • Mid Westerm Hydraulic Rotary Drill

    Built on a foundation of experienced hydraulic engineering

    Offers hydraulic power in an affordable package. Available with a mini-skid, a trailer mounted version, and a completely portable package. …

  • Piranha Dredge

    There are 3 types of Dredges:

    . Industrial Dredges
    . Mini Dredge
    . “The Home Owners Dredge”

  • Alpha Boat AM-2000 HydRo Mate

    The hydraulic crane deploys working tools and attachments such as a clamshell, weed and root rake, double rake grapple, oil skimmer, hydraulic winch, cutter bar, digging bucket, berm chopper. …

  • MC 202 Marina Cleaner

    Available in fresh water or salt water versions

    The MC’s Marina Cleaners are built with a low profile configuration for navigation under lower overhead obstructions. The operator’s cab is mounted on the upper deck allowing for placement of the diesel power unit, hydraulic and fuel tanks as well as the operators control area. …

  • IMS Versi-Dredge

    proven effective in a wide variety of materials

    . Fly and Bottom Ash
    . Sand Mining
    . Paper Mill and Municipal Sludge
    . Lime and Alum Sludge
    . Silt and Sediment …


    Dragflow HY 85 B pump and EXHY 20 Excavators pumps:

    . Fines pond (Sand & Gravel)
    . Cutters in Sand and Gravel Plant
    . Pumps used to dredge lagoon
    . Pumps dredge river embankment area …

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